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Katziela® Hybrid Adventurer Pet Backpack with Removable Wheels and Telescopic Handle

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Are you looking for the most versatile, compact, and airline-friendly backpack carrier for your furry friend? At Katziela we, like our wonderful customers, understand that pets are family. Treat cats and dogs with the love they deserve and keep them close on airplanes and hikes with the Katziela Hybrid Adventurer! Dually designed for optional use as a rolling travel bag or backpack.

The Hybrid Adventurer offers pets the ability to nestle into 2 comfy fleece bedding arrangements – one when the bag is upright and one when laying on its side.

Your pet’s safety and comfort are our #1 priorities. That’s why the Hybrid Adventurer includes top and side zipper openings that let animals poke their head out and enjoy improved freedom of movement. An inner leash can be attached to collars to make sure they don’t jump out if excited or spooked.

Enjoy the ultimate freedom of movement and ease of travel for you and your pet with the Katziela Hybrid Adventurer !