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EcoKind Pet Treats

Strawberry Yak Chews for Large Dogs (1 - 3 Chews)

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Spoil Your Dog With Delicious Treats

Surprise your furry friend with our superior-quality EcoKind yak dog chew treats from the Himalayas for all dogs and offer your pooch one of the most delicious and nutritious delights.

Reward Your Puppy With our Yak Chews

Make training easier and offer your four-legged friend endless hours of chewing action with our long-lasting, mild yet delicious yak sticks for small and medium dogs.

Keep Your Dog's Teeth & Gums Healthy

Promote oral and dental health and hygiene with our large golden yak chews for dogs, which will help keep your pup's teeth and gums free from tartar and plaque buildup.

Replace all of Those Stinky Dog Chew Treats

If you are looking for a stink-free alternative to smelly rawhide treats, yak cheese chews, pig ears, bully sticks, and bones look no further than our odorless yak chews.

100% Natural, 100% Dog Approved Yak Milk Chews

Our goal is to help you offer your furry little friend the healthiest and safest yak milk chews. That's why we make sure that our handmade treats are free from chemicals and preservatives.